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Magnetic Drilling Machine

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Magnetic Core Drilling Machine
Image source @ Wikipedia. A lightweight magnetic drilling machine. The image shows the magnetic drilling machine making holes on H-beam with the help of HSS annular cutter at a workshop

A Magnetic Drilling Machine is a machine tool used for drilling holes in a variety of metals. A magnetic drilling machine is a portable drilling machine with an electro-magnetic base or a permanent magnet base. The magnetic drilling machine drills hole with the help of cutting tools like annular cutters (broach cutters) or with twist drill bits. There are various types of magnetic drilling machines depending on their operations and specializations like magnetic drilling cum tapping machines, cordless magnetic drilling machines, pneumatic magnetic drilling machines, compact horizontal magnetic drilling machines, automatic feed magnetic drilling machines, cross table base magnetic drilling machines etc.

A Magnetic Drilling Machine is also popularly known as a magnetic core drilling machine, magnetic base drilling machine, mag base drilling machine, mag base, magnetic broach cutter machine, magnetic drill or mag drill.

A portable magnetic drilling machine is the best solution for drilling large and heavy workpieces which are difficult to move or bring to the stationary conventional drilling machine for making holes, whereas the magnetic drilling machines are so portable and lightweight that the machines can be taken to the workpiece to be drilled. The magnetic drilling machines have popularly changed the method of bringing workpiece to the drilling machine by bringing the machine to the workpiece.

A portable magnetic drilling machine is available in various sizes, shapes, designs, electronics and equipment depending upon the purpose of the machine. It combines the versatility of a drill press with a strong electromagnetic base enabling it to adhere to a carbon steel (ferrous metal) surface. It can be positioned to drill horizontally, vertically or even upside down.

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