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4 Best Magnetic Drills 2019: Our Pick Of The Very Best 40 mm (Ø 2-1/16″) Diameter Capacity Magnetic Drilling Machine in 2019 roundup of the very best 40 mm (Ø 2-1/16″) diameter capacity Magnetic Drill you can buy. 4 Best Magnetic Drills 2019.

Welcome to‘s roundup of the very best Magnetic Drills or Mag Drills you can buy. We have only included the 4 Best Magnetic Drills 2019 in this list, so you can be sure you’re always getting the very latest cutting edge technology of magnetic drilling machines.

The team has tested every mag drill under the sun, and this page is designed to provide you with all the key info you need so you can choose the best magnetic drilling machine for your job. And we’ve listed in order of preference too, so there’s no confusion. The first is the best.

As the range of magnetic drilling machines depends on the capacity of the drilling diameter, in this review, we are only considering the magnetic drills of 40 mm diameter (Ø 2-1/16″) drilling capacity. This review will include only the mag drills of brands who are original manufacturers.

Take a look and we guarantee you’ll find the best mag drill for you, beginning with the very magnetic drill or mag drill currently available in the USA and around the world…

1. MAB 455 from BDS Maschinen GmbH (Germany)

Simply the best mag drill you can buy today. Made in Germany.

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Weight: 13 Kg | Drilling Capacity: 40 mm diameter X 55 mm depth | Motor output: 1150 Watt | Morse Taper: MT 2 | Speed Gears: 2 | Stroke: 160 mm | Country of Origin: Germany

 The MAB 455 premium, heavy duty magnetic drill from the German manufacturer BDS Maschinen GmbH (aka BDS Machines). The MAB 455 is one of their first machine developed by BDS Machines since it was founded 28 years back.
At the origin, this model was called MAB 400 and with time the manufacturer developed the machine and launched a new generation every 4-5 years of time just like the giant German car manufacturers do with their popular car models.

The MAB 455 from BDS Machines is equipped with a powerful German-made motor which delivers a great power to drill 40 mm diameter (Ø 2-1/16″) in 55 mm thick plate.

What makes this magnetic drilling machine the best choice is its gearbox. The gearbox of the MAB 455 Magnetic drill machine makes it get the first place in this list. The gearbox of MAB 455 mag drill is an oil-bath gearbox, that means the gears inside the gearbox are lubricated by oil instead of grease, (grease is used in other brands of magnetic drills).

This oil bath gearbox makes the machine heavy duty, robust and increases the life of the machine.

The MAB 455 mag drill comes with a Keyless drill chuck arbor which makes it very easy and secure to change the annular cutters without the need of tightening and loosening of the screws.

Before you buy any magnetic drill machine do have a demonstration of this machine once, and we are sure that you will really be impressed by this German engineering. It is also notable that BDS Machines is a company with worlds’ widest range of magnetic drilling machine comprising of more than 30 standard mag drill models.

The manufacturing facility of BDS Machines is located at Mönchengladbach, Germany. In the USA the BDS Maschinen mag drills are distributed by a company called CS Unitec.

  1. Lightweight 13 Kg.
  2. Oil-bath gearbox
  3. Morse taper 2
  4. Keyless drill chuck
  5. Magnet adhesion indicator
  6. Overheat protection
  1. The coolant tank capacity is less and needs to be filled frequently.
  2. No free annular cutters provided with the machine.

2. HMD905 from Hougen (U.S.A.)

Made in U.S.A. the HMD905 from Hougen is a very popular mag drill in North America.

 Hougen takes the second position in our list of 4 Best Magnetic Drills.

Weight: 15.9 Kg | Drilling Capacity: 41 mm diameter X 50 mm depth | Motor output: 1150 Watt | Morse Taper: No morse taper | Speed Gears: 2 | Stroke: 160 mm | Country of Origin: Germany

Hougen Manufacturing is a family-owned business with the manufacturing facility located in Swartz Creek Michigan. The HMD905 is equipped with a powerful motor and an attached cooling tank.
In time Hougen has many magnetic drills in their product range but design & development wise are not as ahead as the German manufacturers like Fein Power Tools or BDS Machines. Hougen takes the second position in our list of 4 Best Magnetic Drills.
Moreover, Hougen and BDS Machines are one of the few companies in the world’s who dedicate their full attention on Magnetic Drills and specializes in it. On the other hand, the other brands of magnetic drills also have many other power tools moving away from specializing in one product category.
The reason why HMD905 is second best magnetic drill because of its reputation of being a robust popular machine, reliable motor, the feed handles quickly change from side to side and the very innovative pilot light which helps the operator to locate the position where the hole is to be made in dark situations or in confined situations.
The HMD905 is easy to operate and simple to install. The reason HMD905 takes the second position rather than the first is because of reasons like it lacks Morse Taper, it has no Keyless drill chuck, the weight is more than the rival, lack of basic indicators & sensors like magnet indicator and lack of a heavy duty oil bath gearbox.
  1. Pilot light.
  2. Many accessories included with the machine
  3. Side changeable feed handle
  4. Lift detector safety system
  5. Hex Wrench Holder
  1. Rear mounted controls or switches, which we find a little difficult to operate because while drilling we stand behind the machine and look at the holes being made from the side, , thus having controls on the side is ergonomically more ideal than having them in the rear so the operator can simultaneously see the hole being made and operate the switches.
  2. No Morse Taper on the machine is a deal breaker.
  3. The coolant tank capacity is less and needs to be filled frequently.

3. JHM ShortSlugger from FEIN (U.S.A. / Germany)

A compact magnetic drilling machine originally from company Jancy USA, now overtaken by FEIN Germany.

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Weight: 10 Kg | Drilling capacity: 40 mm diameter X 50 mm depth | Motor output: 750 Watt | Morse Taper: No morse taper | Speed Gears: 1 | Stroke: 65 mm | Country of Origin: U.S.A.

The JBM ShortSlugger from FEIN does not exactly fit in this category of comparison but we have included it under 40 mm diameter capacity drilling machine, while the next model with FEIN U.S.A. is 50 mm diameter machine which would also not fit in this list.
The JBM ShortSlugger is primarily sold in the USA while in Europe FEIN distributes another 38 mm model called KBB 38.  Fein takes the third position in our list of 4 Best Magnetic Drills.
The Jansy magnetic drills were one of the many popular magnetic drilling machines in the USA. Some years back the giant power tools manufacturer from Germany, FEIN, bought JAncy and introduced Jansy line of machines under FEIN branding.
The JBM ShortSlugger is a compact lightweight magnetic drilling machine which has a great proven motor and a robust body. One of the best advantages of FEIN machines is their thinner magnet size in the industry.
JBM ShortSlugger takes the third place in our list due to the advantages of its weight, quality, robustness and ease to handle. Compared to the first two machines in this list the JBM is not a great heavy duty machine due to its low watt motor compared to the other two.
In Germany or Europe FEIN and BDS Machines have a neck to neck competition, both being a reputed brand and delivers excellent quality. The advantage mostly goes to BDS Machines because of its pricing. FEIN mag drill is infamously expensive, but they too have an excellent quality.
  1. Lightweight
  2. Compact
  3. Reliable motor
  4. Thin magnet size
  1. Can not use twist drills due to less stroke
  2. No Morse Taper
  3. Comparatively less wattage
  4. No keyless drill chuck system

4. WA – 3500 from Nitto Kohki (Japan)

One of the most popular magnetic drilling machine in South Asia.

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Weight: 20 Kg | Drilling Capacity: 35 mm diameter X 50 mm depth | Motor output: 1100 Watt | Morse Taper: No morse taper | Speed Gears: 1 | Stroke: 86 mm | Country of Origin: Japan

Just like Fein, Nitto Kohki does not have 40 mm diameter machine, so we choose to include their 35 mm diameter drilling machine. The  WA – 3500 magnetic drill is a robust Japnese made machine with all required features.  Nitto takes the fourth position in our list of 4 Best Magnetic Drills.
WA 3500 has a Built-in motion sensor so if any lateral movement or excess vibration is detected, both the drill and the feed motor stop instantly. Nitto Kohki is the first company to incorporate this feature into magnetic base drills.
The WA 3500 has One-touch cutter replacement system which is quick and easy with our unique push fit self-centering cutter system. Just like the Keyless drill chuck in the BDS Machine, but with Nitto machines, one can only use Nitto manufactured annular cutters, while like BDS, Hougen and FEIN one can use Weldon shank cutters which are more easily available and well prices.
Use of only one touch shank cutters on the Nitto machine make it dependable. Its like when you buy a printer which is very cheap in price but later you must buy the expensive cartridges only from the same printer manufacturer. One of the other negative reason the WA 3500 is 20 Kg. weight.
The WA 3500 is a very robust machine, the users of this machines face very less after sales service issues, the motor is powerful and the build is robust. The Nitto machines aesthetically do not look as dynamic as the other 3 brands.
  1. Robust motor
  2. Small feed handle
  3. Extra handle in the front of motor (not required, but some operators are habituated to it)
  1. Can not use annular cutters manufactured by other brands
  2. No Morse Taper
  3. Comparatively less wattage
  4. Heavy machine, weighing 20 Kg.
  5. Less stroke

CONCLUSION: Which magnetic drilling machine is the best fit for you from the 4 Best Magnetic Drills?

If you need a robust magnetic base drilling machine, very basic and can live up with 20 Kg. weight then – WA 3500 from Nitto Kohki is for you.

If you need a compact and lightweight magnetic base drilling machine for drilling smaller diameter and thinner plates then – JBM ShortSlugger from FEIN is for you.

If you need a heavy duty magnetic base drilling machine and could forgo all other features then – HMD 905 from Hougen is for you.

If you need a heavy duty magnetic base drilling machine, with all premium features, sensors, indicators, less weight and German engineering impress you then – MAB 455 from BDS Maschinen is for you.

All the images of the magnetic drills are used from the official website of the respective manufacturers.