Pipe Drilling With Magnetic Drill

pipe drilling

Drilling on tubes and pipes is always a big task, but now with the modern magnetic drilling machines and the tube clamps, drilling on tubes and pipe is easy and fast.

The following article shows the method of drilling holes on pipes or drilling holes on tubes (pipe drilling).

Drilling pipes require 3 main tools, a tube clamp, a magnetic drilling machine and an annular cutter.

The tube clamping device is a metallic device which is clamped on the tube with an adjustable chain. After clamping the tube clamp the magnetic drilling machine is placed on the device, which gets fixed to the tube clamp by switching ON its magnet.

With the help of magnetic drilling machines’ proper RPM, the annular cutter makes a perfect hole in the tube.

Generally, a HSS annular cutter is used to make holes in tubes and pipes, as the TCT annular cutters have more chances of cutting teeth breakage due to curved surfaces of tubes and pipes.

We do not recommend to use TCT annular cutters for tube/pipe drilling.

As annular cutters are hollow there is no dead zone resistance. The cutting takes place only on the periphery of the hole to be made. Annular cutters distribute the load equally on the periphery of the hole with its multiple cutting edges, thus the required thrust and energy are also much less comparatively.

Detail Metall_002Step 1: As per the diameter of the pipe select the correct size of the pipe clamp.




Step 2: As per the diameter of the hole select the correct capacity magnetic base drilling machine.

Step 3: Select the correct annular cutter as per the type of pipe or tube material.

Step 4: Clamp the tube clamp device on the tube.drilling on pipes

Step 5: Put the magnetic drilling machine on the tube clamp.tube drilling

Step 6: Insert the annular cutter in the arbor.annular cutter for pipe drilling

Step 7: Switch ON the magnet of the machine and start the motor to drill.

Step 8: Start to drill with min feed, do not crash the cutter on the material while starting to drill.pipe drill

Step 9: Drill with steady feed and with a good amount of drilling lubricant.mag dril for pipes

Result!hole on pipe

In just above 9 steps you can make quick holes in pipes and tubes with more accuracy, precision, roundness and finish as compared to drilling with twist drill bits.